Damn, what an epic day

My bike’s front tire somehow lost less air than it did yesterday when I did nothing to fix it last night. I picked tomatoes at a crazy pace and beat my co-worker John by a bucket, when we usually are evenly paced. I went to unload winter squash at Molino Creek, and realized that I had been there years and years ago, and it was a huge, bizarre trip down memory lane. It’s so gorgeous up there, it’s ridiculous. It’s basically this hidden collective up in the hills above Davenport and the people who are part of said collective do farming and create beautiful yard artwork, and the view from Nibby’s house, where we ate lunch, was pretty mind-blowing.

I had a bunch of great conversations too, with Nibby and John. And the legendary Luka has returned from Canada, so there will be tales to tell and pies to be eaten in the next few weeks.

Then, after work, I went downtown, grabbed Grace for Drowning and Heritage, saw an awesome band in Streetlight records that was doing a bunch of weird jazzy chords and had a flute player and a really talented singer. I really should have asked who they were. They were from San Diego though, so maybe with my crazy internet prowess I’ll manage to find them online based on the fact that they played at Streetlight.

Went to the farmer’s market, got pluots, saw CC’s (ex?)boyfriend who I recognized from Sweet’s Mill, but didn’t say hi ‘cause I felt like it might have been awkward. But that prompted me to call Rosie (I was reminded of Sweet’s Mill), and we talked for a bit about her adventures touring around the US and in Canada. And we made plans to hang out in November!! That’s the soonest she’s not cripplingly busy. She’s such a fantastic person to talk to, I just, ahhhhhh. I’m surprised I was as coherent and not awkward on the phone as I was. She also said “aloha” when she picked up the phone. Odd coincidence, since I was doing a lot of thinking about my Hawaii plans for December/January right before I made that phone call.

But yeah, then my mom and I went to the bike shop on Mission street and got a new tube for my front tire, finally. Got food. Went home.

Now, I’m gonna make massive amounts of soup and listen to Grace for Drowning.

And this weekend, Chris’s birthday party, and perhaps that fall creek adventure I’ve been meaning to do?


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