Adam Mussell - A World Divided (Main Titles)

From “A Tale of Xandopheii OST”

This one’s very old, but I am in the process of reworking all of my old Xandopheii compositions, so this one was the next victim of my re-orchestrating. I added a lot of percussion and dynamic range compared to the original piece, and made it feel a bit more natural and full than it did before. Of course this means nothing to any of you who are listening to this, ‘cause no one’s heard the original version. :p

Oh, and with this finished, I have like 5 tracks left to rework! It feels like it’s bobbed up and down around that number for a good while, but I can’t see myself doing much more to the album at this point, so hopefully once I start working through those last 5, it’ll be done, finally. Damn it. 5 out of 33 tracks is not a bad ratio though.

Ah well, anyhow… This is pretty much the piece in which I first wrote the main theme of “A Tale of Xandopheii”. So it’s kind of important to me compositionally, even though it’s really short and not all that interesting, I feel like. Let me know what you think of it.


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